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Definition of outrage:

  1. Excess; luxury.
  2. Injurious violence or wanton wrong done to persons or things; a gross violation of right or decency; excessive abuse; wanton mischief; gross injury.
  3. Specifically, to violate; to commit an indecent assault upon ( a female).
  4. To be guilty of an outrage; to act outrageously.
  5. To commit outrage upon; to subject to outrage; to treat with violence or excessive abuse.
  6. To rage in excess of.


deconsecrate, affront, shock, ball over, scandal, exasperate, desecrate, blow out of the water, infract, indignation, right, incense, enthral, go against, debase, set on, wrong, evil, wound, pique, alarm, vitiate, enrapture, lash out, loss, delight, profane, injure, bruise, violate, indignity, plunder, subvert, deprave, transport, demoralize, snipe, despite, traumatize, disgrace, contumely, blemish, malicious gossip, hurt, floor, dishonour, dishonor, round, sin, corrupt, prejudice, traumatise, impairment, appal, shame, assail, demoralise, scandalisation, infuriate, dismay, offend, detriment, damage, attaint, slight, scandalize, spite, injury, despoil, unhallow, debauch, harm, scandalization, misdirect, enchant, spoil, scandalise, take aback, dirt, monstrosity, horrify, appall, disadvantage, rape, ravish, enthrall, pervert, insult, enormity, transgress, break.

Usage examples: