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Definition of overcast:

  1. To cast or cover over; hence, to cloud; to darken.
  2. To compute or rate too high.
  3. To fasten, as single sheets, by overcast stitching or by folding one edge over another.
  4. To take long, loose stitches over ( the raw edges of a seam) to prevent raveling.


obnubilate, clear, cloud cover, column, not fair, corrupt, muddiness, dark, heavy, eclipse, cumulus, dapple, hazed, hazy, dim, cloudy, billow, lowering, taint, not clear, cloud-covered, obfuscate, haze over, bank, cirrocumulus, obscure, blur, cirrus, blear, mottle, becloud, defile, cumulonimbus, cloudiness, dull, cirrostratus, bedim, sully, gloom, mist, fog, befog, overclouded, cloud, clouded, sunless, overcasting, shadow, blurred, murkiness, overshadow, beclouded.

Usage examples: