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Definition of overhear:

  1. To hear again.
  2. To hear more of ( anything) than was intended to be heard; to hear by accident or artifice.


suck up, draw, becharm, grab, make, adopt, gain, receive, sop up, watch, befool, consume, realise, listen in on, hear, enamor, discern, take up, invite, take in, take, arrest, bewitch, assimilate, hitch, realize, eavesdrop, trip up, have, catch up with, imbibe, bring in, collect, suck, put one across, gather in, charm, trance, slang, dupe, fool, listen in, put one over, captivate, mishear, take hold of, fascinate, read, catch, beguile, entrance, see, cod, enchant, ingest, view, put on, enamour, soak up, capture, absorb, overtake, gull, see/hear things, listen, make out, suck in, get, earn, pick up, clear, pull in.

Usage examples: