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Definition of pace:

  1. A broad step or platform; any part of a floor slightly raised above the rest, as around an altar, or at the upper end of a hall.
  2. A device in a loom, to maintain tension on the warp in pacing the web.
  3. A single movement from one foot to the other in walking; a step.
  4. A slow gait; a footpace.
  5. Any single movement, step, or procedure.
  6. Manner of stepping or moving; gait; walk; as, the walk, trot, canter, gallop, and amble are paces of the horse; a swaggering pace; a quick pace.
  7. Specifically, a kind of fast amble; a rack.
  8. The length of a step in walking or marching, reckoned from the heel of one foot to the heel of the other; - used as a unit in measuring distances; as, he advanced fifty paces.
  9. To develop, guide, or control the pace or paces of; to teach the pace; to break in.
  10. To go; to walk; specifically, to move with regular or measured steps.
  11. To measure by steps or paces; as, to pace a piece of ground.
  12. To move quickly by lifting the legs on the same side together, as a horse; to amble with rapidity; to rack.
  13. To pass away; to die.
  14. To proceed; to pass on.
  15. To walk over with measured tread; to move slowly over or upon; as, the guard paces his round.


grounds, dialog, hike, march, length, advance, get on, in., shuffle, fast, dramatic irony, trek, mistreat, measure, dead heat, run, equestrian, saunter, go off, animation, bridle, movement, tone, progress, chiliad, pound, novelty, clock, tempo, centimeter, allegory, dialogue, stray, runner, bound, stone's throw, get along, cubit, bareback, drop back, yard, pacing, cm., jog, amble, whole step, centimetre, device, running, false start, rate, baton, one thousand, inch, footprint, parade, clip, vitality, come in, establish, cubic yard, ahead, strut, bite, do, stagger, foot, footmark, the blocks, stair, wander, gradation, goose step, fascination, abuse, footfall, groom, fare, come along, tread, file, characterization, maltreat, momentum, dash, ill-treat, ft., buzz, railway yard, mystery, canter, walk, color, step, dismount, dance step, footstep, railyard, anthropomorphic, thou, whole tone, stroll, limp, grand, deus ex machina, gait, charge per unit, ill-use, thousand, come, spark, stride, bathos, curtilage, forge, proceed, life, go along, bore, break in.

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