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Definition of part:

  1. A constituent of character or capacity; quality; faculty; talent; - usually in the plural with a collective sense.
  2. A constituent portion of a living or spiritual whole; a member; an organ; an essential element.
  3. A particular character in a drama or a play; an assumed personification; also, the language, actions, and influence of a character or an actor in a play; or, figuratively, in real life. See To act a part, under Act.
  4. An equal constituent portion; one of several or many like quantities, numbers, etc., into which anything is divided, or of which it is composed; proportional division or ingredient.
  5. Hence: To hold apart; to stand between; to intervene betwixt, as combatants.
  6. One of the different melodies of a concerted composition, which heard in union compose its harmony; also, the music for each voice or instrument; as, the treble, tenor, or bass part; the violin part, etc.
  7. One of the opposing parties or sides in a conflict or a controversy; a faction.
  8. One of the portions, equal or unequal, into which anything is divided, or regarded as divided; something less than a whole; a number, quantity, mass, or the like, regarded as going to make up, with others, a larger number, quantity, mass, etc., whether actually separate or not; a piece; a fragment; a fraction; a division; a member; a constituent.
  9. Partly; in a measure.
  10. Quarter; region; district; - usually in the plural.
  11. Such portion of any quantity, as when taken a certain number of times, will exactly make that quantity; as, 3 is a part of 12; - the opposite of multiple. Also, a line or other element of a geometrical figure.
  12. That which belongs to one, or which is assumed by one, or which falls to one, in a division or apportionment; share; portion; lot; interest; concern; duty; office.
  13. To be broken or divided into parts or pieces; to break; to become separated; to go asunder; as, rope parts; his hair parts in the middle.
  14. To divide into shares; to divide and distribute; to allot; to apportion; to share.
  15. To divide; to separate into distinct parts; to break into two or more parts or pieces; to sever.
  16. To go away; to depart; to take leave; to quit each other; hence, to die; - often with from.
  17. To have a part or share; to partake.
  18. To leave; to quit.
  19. To perform an act of parting; to relinquish a connection of any kind; - followed by with or from.
  20. To separate by a process of extraction, elimination, or secretion; as, to part gold from silver.
  21. To separate or disunite; to cause to go apart; to remove from contact or contiguity; to sunder.


get off the ground, crack, explode, component, fictional character, bankrupt, building block, dowry, grammatical constituent, office, sectionalization, exposit, lead off, clutch, get out, government agency, representative, position, function, differentiate, divide, sectionalisation, piece, secern, dissever, disperse, while, vary, divulge, adjourn, purpose, spark, serving, collapse, separate, quality, come out, pulley, set forth, vocalization, eccentric, take apart, division, break dance, firearm, take up, severalise, infract, bolt, dampen, cut off, objet d'art, set about, rive, section, wear, farewell, phonation, recrudesce, sliver, relegate, pause, reveal, percent, spokesperson, depart, molecule, crock up, bulge out, cave in, fortune, interpreter, business office, luck, integrant, patch, spell, department, shard, offend, post, erupt, image, case, originate, distinguish, kick downstairs, air division, break in, expose, mapping, cancel, segmentation, ramify, piece of music, fracture, vocalism, pick, wheel, fall in, soften, discussion section, fate, spring, severalize, begin, blow up, neighborhood, area, check, wear out, instigate, deduct, parting, portion, percentage, discover, go away, single-valued function, resolve, disjoint, split up, subprogram, dispel, musical composition, burst, dissolve, gear, molding, set out, get down, theatrical role, fitting, start up, use, fall apart, collect, touch off, scrap, side, affair, trigger, pop out, break away, partitioning, authority, transgress, partial, bump, founder, take off, situation, per centum, chip, come apart, reference, deviate, sort out, protrude, bust, sidetrack, get, partially, give away, get going, map, fragmentise, mathematical function, ploughshare, conk out, social function, disrupt, agency, small-arm, heroine, whole, grapheme, commence, composition, share, split, break open, component part, pull up stakes, atom, activate, fiber, federal agency, lift off, decompose, give way, pop, surgical incision, casting, brace, incite, discriminate, unwrap, plane section, offset, develop, role, plowshare, tell apart, discontinue, billet, bulge, circumstances, subtract, realm, let out, smash, fractional, intermit, take time off, spark off, shaft, go bad, crack up, bring out, variance, berth, furcate, donation, character reference, initiate, divvy, trip, power, give, take leave, let on, electron, vox, machine, articulation, routine, break apart, total, range, embark on, band, violate, chain, belt, break out, give out, lay out, break-up, social occasion, participate, slab, better, go against, fragmentize, get around, interrupt, bug out, dole, spot, break, leave-taking, demote, assort, stop, disclose, stir up, vocalisation, persona, scatter, sort, breach, single out, hero, tell, subroutine, region, art object, place, fibre, diverge, startle, destiny, naval division, ruin, perspective, dowery, bureau, break off, fictitious character, frame, start out, crash, fail, carve up, array, straggle, man, class, dissipate, lump, jump, classify, type, replacement, particle, rod, recess, damp, digress, rasher, secernate, weaken, disunite, personally, lineament, nut, opus, graphic symbol, set-off, so far as one is concerned, dower, detonate, character, expound, installment, actuate, trigger off, partly, procedure, pct, voice, snap off, passage, contribution, lever, office staff, occasion, calve, break down, start, do, splinter.

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