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Definition of peach:

  1. A well- known high- flavored juicy fruit, containing one or two seeds in a hard almond- like endocarp or stone; also, the tree which bears it ( Prunus, Amygdalus Persica). In the wild stock the fruit is hard and inedible.
  2. To accuse of crime; to inform against.
  3. To turn informer; to betray one's accomplice.


spill the beans, beaut, clingstone, yellowish pink, stag, saucer, burble, maunder, mantrap, hit, shit, babble, denounce, violator, Prunus persica, yellow-fleshed, debaucher, Alexander, let the cat out of the bag, apricot tree, Orange Cling, dish antenna, gabble, Elberta, blither, guggle, truelove, chatter, sweetheart, piffle, steady, sweetie, South China, Desert Gold, witness, twaddle, tattle, blab, dish, salmon pink, Champion, gibber, snitch, palaver, South Haven, dish aerial, smatter, give away, utter, Belle of Georgia, speak, Early Crawford, lulu, freestone, smasher, strike, peach tree, kayo, cup of tea, apricot, dishful, blether, mouth, Peen-to, gurgle, blather, blabber, blab out, sing, verbalize, Redhaven, betray, lecture, Hale, cling, bang, white-fleshed, Rochester, Fairhaven, Halehaven, Golden Jubilee, ravisher, knockout, prate, May Flower, whistle, Persian, beauty, spill, bubble, Indian, viewer, spectator, Heath Cling, prattle, shop, looker, ripple, watcher, bag, Sunhaven, babble out, smash, tell on, rat, tittle-tattle, clack, Red Bird Cling, talk, verbalise, stunner, grass.

Usage examples: