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Definition of pert:

  1. Indecorously free, or presuming; saucy; bold; impertinent.
  2. Lively; brisk; sprightly; smart.
  3. Open; evident; apert.
  4. To behave with pertness.


spanking, action, malapert, assumptive, cute, ill-mannered, overbold, audacious, impolite, bouncing, pizzazzy, brassy, kinetic, contumelious, frisky, orthogonal, nervy, discourteous, zippy, active, saucy, smart, smart-ass, snappy, extraneous, brash, discreet, overconfident, familiar, abrasive, wise, assuming, attitude, animate, offensive, gay, animated, energetic, sparky, little, springy, jaunty, poignant, savory, snippety, cheeky, racy, high-spirited, uppity, rude, bold, impertinent, slight, wiseass, vivacious, jazzy, flip, pushy, pungent, perky, minute, mettlesome, lively, midget, spirited, microscopic, dashing, courtesy, diminutive, godless, bouncy, brazen, brisk, sassy, salty, impudent, smart-assed, vital, presumptuous, facetious, chipper, peppy, small, daring, smart-aleck, smart-alecky, airy, zingy, presuming, forward, tiny, assumptive, zesty, smarty-pants, boldfaced, snippy, minuscule, fresh, irreverent, immaterial, insolent, uppish, sprightly.

Usage examples: