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Definition of perverted:

  1. of Pervert


rakish, offbeat, unethical, reprobate, frizzy, quirky, immoral, unclean, nappy, rakehell, decadent, sordid, wayward, sadism, fetishism, deviating, evil, distorted, deviating, contrary, misrepresented, misshapen, bondage, pedophilia, degenerate, twisted, dissipated, abnormal, perversion, sinful, malformed, deviant, amoral, obstinate, unwholesome, incest, libertine, disingenuous, artful, masochism, sadomasochism, crisp, dissolute, bestiality, way-out, jackleg, sexual abuse, depraved, corrupt, ill-shapen, loose, gross, perverse, frizzly, kinky, wicked, wicked, sick, far-out.

Usage examples: