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Definition of photograph:

  1. A picture or likeness obtained by photography.
  2. To practice photography; to take photographs.
  3. To take a picture or likeness of by means of photography; as, to photograph a view; to photograph a group.


pictorial matter, inject, crack, scene, photomicrograph, bourgeon, dart, video, movie, pip, microfilm, photo, scud, pullulate, microcopy, tactical photograph, snatch, buck, vulnerability, moving-picture show, rupture, fool away, spud, lose it, photomontage, motion picture, take, painting, germinate, motion-picture show, bibliofilm, photomicrogram, shot, print, frivol away, ikon, portrait, break down, blast, fool, dissipate, shoot, candid photo, word picture, flash, delineation, snatch up, fritter away, exposure, picture show, word-painting, characterisation, snarl, hit, sprout, dash, fritter, mental picture, shoot down, click, photogram, snap, icon, burgeon forth, characterization, close-up, radiograph, photomural, scoot, tear, charge, pic, film, moving picture, flick.

Usage examples: