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Definition of pleasant:

  1. A wit; a humorist; a buffoon.
  2. Cheerful; enlivening; gay; sprightly; humorous; sportive; as, pleasant company; a pleasant fellow.
  3. Pleasing; grateful to the mind or to the senses; agreeable; as, a pleasant journey; pleasant weather.


grateful, tasty, comfortable, satisfactory, diverting, light, sociable, good-tempered, delightsome, festive, darling, loving, colorful, restful, savory, palatable, delicious, like, genteel, gentle, gratifying, nice, enjoyable, pretty, fun, unsympathetic, pain, harming, balmy, fair, exciting, sympathetic, pleasurable, bland, luscious, polite, heavenly, soft, gracious, diplomatic, dreamy, welcome, attitude, mellifluous, civil, kind, winning, lovable, temperate, droll, comforting, adequate, idyllic, disagreeable, unpleasant, cheering, mellow, lovely, social, beautiful, acceptable, humorous, catchy, attractive, obliging, pastoral, mild, convivial, urbane, fine, sullen, all right, melodious, kindly, refreshing, benignant, relaxing, dulcet, jovial, good-humored, good-natured, joyous, winsome, well-disposed, felicitous, engaging, blessed, civilized.

Usage examples: