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Definition of polished:

  1. Made smooth and glossy, as by friction; hence, highly finished; refined; polite; as, polished plate; polished manners; polished verse.
  2. of Polish


pure, subtle, lissom, educated, processed, comminuted, garmented, clear, dolled up, good, glittering, dressed to the nines, assertive, brilliant, clarified, confident, buffed, habilimented, perfected, dressed, wonderful, excellent, nice, lissome, wonder, sparkling, bright, genteel, robed, slender, shining, cultured, thin, flawless, polite, finished, garbed, proud, cultivated, delicate, lithe, masterful, self-confident, togged up, sharp, sophisticated, burnished, lustrous, sylphlike, light, well-bred, masterly, dressed-up, accomplished, gauzy, tasteful, shiny, spiffed up, decent, glittery, self-assured, impeccable, small, urbane, ornate, spruced up, subtile, refined, slight, slim, civilized, incredible, dressed to kill, milled, forceful, culture, minute, sensitive, fine, svelte, glaring, gleaming, lithesome, tenuous, satin, supple, keen, elaborate, attired, cultured, glistening, exceptional, couth, appareled, tremendous, rubbed, dainty, dignified, well-bred, self-possessed, neat, bold.

Usage examples: