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Definition of pose:

  1. To puzzle.


hold fast, arrest, exhaust, present, chafe, generate, make, advance, discombobulate, cross, scramble, corruption, poise, frame, devil, commit, trounce, define, lay out, pound, demo, throttle, double-dealing, scotch, play-act, identify, shell, get, ready, suffer, stand by, carriage, demonstrate, semblance, determine, hunker down, rag, bind, father, honest, smoke and mirrors, contract, coiffe, personate, put forward, raise up, adhere, stay put, balance, post, gift, attitudinize, go, idiosyncrasy, personify, come in, tucker, specify, stupefy, beat, bunk, fix, tick, brag, find, set forth, incur, inhibit, stick, worry, act, drum, have, posturing, capture, get down, point, cleave, foible, thump, wash up, disturb, collapse, represent, stimulate, localise, order, show off, quiver, adjust, develop, take, amaze, coif, true, become, pattern, stick to, induce, set up, fall, playacting, astonish, sit around, bother, fructify, direct, commence, disadvantage, assign, offer, acquaint, place, sting, frustrate, affectedness, ticktock, dumbfound, locate, rate, mold, thrum, propose, tucker out, bring, put down, misconduct, drive, begin, experience, come, set out, foil, redact, come out, flummox, foul play, gloat, curl up, site, bewilder, flap, attitudinizing, circumvent, localize, sham, buzz off, overreach, range, dishonesty, go under, airs, rile, model, give, salute, invest, attitude, mark, award, mannerism, stun, nettle, submit, couch, acquire, prepare, deception, cuddle up, mystify, sire, suggest, send, guile, hold back, cast, propound, stick around, let down, grow, shake up, besot, pay off, vanquish, put, raise, affectation, typeset, deliver, duplicity, impersonate, mother, lodge, set about, wedge, sic, beat out, bugger off, target, draw, boast, beget, congeal, stay, gravel, dissemble, perplex, do, seat, ride, annoy, count against, produce, outwit, feign, lay, go down, vex, get under one's skin, baffle, rank, complicate, posture, ask, ticktack, outsmart, dress, start out, engender, put on, cling, station, outfox, embarrass, throw, fetch, parade, baby-sit, jell, aim, preen, deposit, down, receive, countersink, plant, scram, get to, irritate, face, pulsate, sit down, bring up against, bearing, let, burden, bed down, agitate, work over, cause, coiffure, bond, thwart, pass, grade, rig, sustain, bemuse, commove, patronize, plague, arrange, flaunt, mould, convey, get at, bring forth, start, regulate, sit, correct, repose, stance, exhibit, portray, limit, catch, deportment, obtain, crush, crow, puzzle, be full of yourself, position, flop, set, stick by, pay back, spoil, arrive, astound, cohere, nonplus, confront, stir up, beat up, bilk, mock up, introduce, simulate, nark, gear up.

Usage examples: