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Definition of position:

  1. The state of being placed or set; situation; place; attitude or posture, as of a model or object to be copied; a principle advanced or laid down; state of affairs; condition; state; a rule in arithmetic.


smudge, feeling, viewpoint, buggery, military post, localization, business office, berth, typeset, adjust, perplex, commit, carriage, speckle, poise, post, office staff, slope, built in bed, advertise, center, patch, lay out, bounty, go under, quarter, cast, mail service, pip, strength, stick, stead, angle, blot, competing, flummox, clear, bonk, state of affairs, persuasion, stand, moorage, assign, side of meat, vista, touch, arrange, manner, geography, put down, whereabouts, the box, stake, locale, face, mystify, coitus, in place, come out, couch, set, spatial relation, way, cybersex, spotlight, sight, form, bunk, coif, judgment, setting, perspective, mail out, ready, topographic point, balance, dapple, pas de deux, reach, arabesque, alley, emplace, plaza, encounter, go down, limit, appointment, ballet, level, vex, target, tract, clay, purpose, define, survey, context, side, gear up, pirouette, attitude, spot, redact, positioning, do, stance, nonplus, seat, bleachers, task, bureau, against, corps de ballet, identify, venue, impression, military posture, bowl, baseline, district, unopposed, hype, bit, work, climate, thought, stand, congeal, plug, daub, equal, mail, function, at, dress, notion, incline, fleck, cash flow, pile, federal agency, space, bill as, frame, smear, blank space, pitch, correct, localisation, bearings, office, lieu, set out, posture, bond, purview, place, ass, home, repose, fructify, ejaculation, habit, military position, mental attitude, maculation, locating, sic, area, connection, specify, close-run, model, jell, alignment, event, baffle, smirch, crease, rate, locality, stratum, endorse, mien, climax, emplacement, prepare, pose, prospect, background, send, AstroTurf, rung, ranking, close, puzzle, division of labor, slur, sentiment, line, impersonate, linear perspective, invest, the bench, eyeshot, bailout, coiffure, slip, launch, deportment, present, localise, mooring, panorama, surroundings, settle, determine, stain, caste, call, gravel, postal service, topography, part, rig, blood money, put, where, view, prima ballerina, conditions, government agency, out, situation, gig, military capability, reputation, personate, get, coiffe, horizon, echelon, slot, ground, exposure, piazza, appropriation, change, region, bewilder, short letter, budget, come in, amount, amaze, note, bankroll, blow job, billet, coupling, dumbfound, beat, agency, direct, outlook, localize, delegation, power, mind, base, lay, collaboration, stupefy, shoes, tutu, countersink, conviction, court, capacity, location, sit, authority, self-assessment, military strength, tier, placement.

Usage examples: