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Definition of postpone:

  1. To put off to a future or later time; to adjourn; to delay.


fudge, knock back, skirt, dodge, schedule, take a rain check, tabularise, hold over, put back, circumvent, prolong, elongate, hold off, disconcert, procrastinate, accede, submit, turn off, adjourn, send back, protract, put-off, bow, extend, move, lengthen, hedge, wait, prorogue, elude, hold up, duck, slacken, get across, rearrange, set back, fix, continue, dishearten, draw out, do, defer, put over, tabularize, table, confuse, bring forward, reschedule, waive, study at suspend, lay over, give in, tabulate, sidestep, put on ice, carry over, shelve, flurry, remit, remand, parry, time, evade.

Usage examples: