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Definition of power:

  1. A supernatural being or agent; in arith. and alg., the product arising from the multiplying of a quantity or number into itself one or more time; in law, a reservation in a deed or agreement; in mech., the moving force of a body or machine, or that which produces it; in optics, the maguifying strength.
  2. Ability; capacity; strength; energy; faculty or energy of mind; influence; rule or authority; a sovereign; one invested with authority.
  3. Possessing power, as a power- loom.


efficacy, biogas, fangs, be quick on your feet, skill, originator, capacity, capacity, wealth, government, gallop, abundance, actuate, galvanism, great power, authority, mass, clean, active, resistance, right, designer, prerogative, rein, business leader, restraint, sight, race, empire, crank, go, mogul, ability, causality, omnipotence, let, headship, competence, burn up, world-beater, clutches, magnate, dominance, cause, big, king, peppiness, vigour, fly, advocate, assisted, capability, dictatorship, ascendency, heap, burn, efficacy, talent, sway, clever, position, aptitude, fossil fuel, biomass, strong, virility, energy, coercion, tycoon, agent, fountain, friction, attributes, clutch, AC, actor, democracy, eject, puissance, spot, peck, coal-fired, built, profusion, pack, readiness, federation, command, index finger, jurisdiction, efficiency, top executive, cleverness, control, index number, occasion, rule, superpower, capability, condition, aptitude, post, force, power-assisted, ability, dint, personnel, vitality, antecedent, pithiness, former, world, bureau, office staff, duress, strength, compulsion, creator, hegemony, alternating current, advocator, military group, sinew, engagement, auxiliary, virility, absolutism, sovereignty, oligopoly, precedent, reason, barrel, divide/multiply by, potency, might, force play, aided, government agency, magnetism, surge, flash, republic, and, function, qualification, pile, coax, expertness, authorization, susceptibility, plus, grind, lot, supremacy, force, blackout, action, stoutness, ascendancy, billet, grasp, spring, monopoly, fitness, dominion, athleticism, hasten, thew, engage, violence, competency, pungency, firepower, get-up-and-go, omnipotence, effect, source, author, proficiency, energy, role, outpace, clockwork, dart, carte blanche, mastery, automatic, mountain, regency, idle, intensity, cordless, attraction, gift, baron, flick, lustihood, arc, jurisdiction, motive, authoritative, dexterity, endowment, less, nation, clutches, analog, forefinger, cogency, broken, preponderance, agency, biofuel, endurance, leadership, world power, arc light, magnetism, iff, reach, part, commanding, cycle, automatically, forcefulness, skill, force-out, causation, electricity, country, faculty, direction, berth, sinew, oligarchy, dynamic energy, fuel, backfire, powerlessness, federal agency, speed, preponderance, influence, voltaism, proponent, talent, business office, potence, minus, autarky, much, big businessman, protectorate, place, death grip, suction, hold, faculty, say-so, plenty, powerful, peak, over, flood, military unit, origin, lordship, gas, capability, strength, cut out, experience, arm, weight, greatness, dominion, cogency, military force, indicator, warrant, pressure, brownout, male monarch, capacity, monarchy, indicant, major power, situation.

Usage examples: