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Definition of precede:

  1. To go before in the order of time; to go before in place, rank, or importance.


moderate, run ahead, conduce, be ahead of, foreswear, throw overboard, contribute, pass, preexist, relinquish, go before, lie at the heart of something, antecede, inclose, go in advance, innovate, head, come first, light the way, predate, run, forfeit, waive, inaugurate, guide, loom large, raven, take precedence over, present, infix, bring in, herald, forgo, dominate, count, chair, result, dispense with, preface, enter, prey, matter, forge ahead, come to the front, enclose, come before, insert, go, put in, head up, direct, words, foredate, extend, leave, stick in, acquaint, take, antedate, usher in, ring in, conduct, predominate, premiss, bring out, top, lead up to, go ahead, start, scout, give up, signify, lead, emphasize, figure, premise, forego.

Usage examples: