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Definition of preference:

  1. The choice or estimation of one thing rather than another; state of being preferred.


promotion, prefer, fave, penchant, upgrading, gustatory perception, fancy, minion, liberty, predilection, gustatory sensation, orientation course, liking, use, love affair, pet, affection, rise, fondness, rather than, appreciation, elevation, appetite, shine, favoritism, upgrade, fair, partiality, taste sensation, druthers, relish, resource, gustatory modality, darling, in favor of, orientation, gustation, favorite, leaning, bent, perceptiveness, sense of taste, bond, taste perception, taste, preferment, weakness, like, someone's likes and dislikes, mouthful, tasting, discernment, partiality, way, as you please, speed, ascent, attachment, partialness, inclination, love, favor, creation, I'd sooner do something.

Usage examples: