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Definition of preposterous:

  1. Having that first which ought to be last; contrary to nature or reason; absurd; monstrous.


inconclusive, usual, knowledge, amusing, mad, blotto, half-baked, bubbleheaded, screwball, witless, softheaded, simpleminded, balmy, lunatic, inept, sappy, ill-advised, fatuous, false, tight, absurd, risible, soused, half-witted, derisive, kooky, wild, unreasonable, wacky, pathetic, wonky, sozzled, unconscionable, not in your right mind/not right in the head, cuckoo, ability, soaked, lunkheaded, chimerical, besotted, loaded, daffy, stiff, mistaken, awry, harebrained, skew-whiff, laughable, nutty, erroneous, featherheaded, monstrous, pie-eyed, childish, moronic, anomalous, comic, nonsensical, insane, ill-considered, crackpot, ridiculous, wet, lopsided, imbecilic, crocked, weak-minded, loony, ludicrous, jerky, unreal, askew, mirthful, incorrect, pixilated, foolish, funny, fuddled, asinine, dopey, zany, cockamamy, blind drunk, shocking, slopped, ill-judged, nonsense, unearthly, sloshed, derisory, dotty, infatuated, daft, crackbrained, imbecile, brainless, plastered, dippy, loopy, cockeyed, smashed, tomfool, obscene, pissed, unwise, squiffy, over-the-top, fool, fanciful.

Usage examples: