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Definition of present:

  1. A gift.


model, contemporary, fork out, constitute, largess, bear, fork up, annals, afflict, symbolize, correspond, posit, accede, hand, lay out, bodily, alive, see, drink, bounty, contemporaneous, birth, present-day, begun, collapse, bewilder, kick in, archive, give way, reconcile, posture, enclose, sit, boon, ubiquitous, stupefy, apply, bleep out, arrange, usher, cede, put on, bounce, express, march, immediate, perform, pitch, commit, demo, establish, art gallery, check stub, auxiliary verb, blank check, precede, presence, shout out, the present, carrel, attendance, trigger, nonplus, generate, imply, leave, the active, set up, face up, present tense, preface, perplex, bring out, set, bring about, move over, care package, save, hand back, counteroffer, the first person, impersonate, chequebook, stick in, accession, resign, amaze, redeem, familiarise, cheque, endue, make known, receive, check, record, deport, stand for, paint, usher in, auxiliary, naturally occurring, set forth, here, acquaint, dumbfound, inclose, red packet, register, sacrifice, prevailing, fall in, distribute, state, latter-day, near, invade, certify, the future, give up, coeval, ever-present, give birth, baffle, put, checkbook, limn, evidence, parade, set off, cave in, contract, get, encounter, portray, in the flesh, symbolise, stick, gratuity, form, shew, welcome, intimate, show up, cast pearls before swine, part with, delineate, omnipresent, guest, suffer, go on (the) TV/radio, dedicate, have, premise, gravel, just now, ease up, produce, settlement, inst, over, invent, current, on the spot, bribe, wheel out, vex, testify, drive home, wassail, bear witness, personate, check card, pose, nowadays, see in, be, come down with, meet, defend, yield up, prompt, yield, flummox, in progress, do, come on, go down with, availability, interpret, give in, rescue, mystify, puzzle, ongoing, map, in this day and age, in, hold, valentine, cash, sponsor, put forward, read, reach, invest, archivist, confront, run into, define, bookmobile, designate, turn in, surrender, quid pro quo, inaugurate, develop, anchor, hand over, extradite, attest, founder, throw, bequest, time, stage, chip in, surprise, freebie, largesse, started, typify, profile, audience, represent, pass, indue, beat, turn over, card catalog, array, acknowledge, infix, greet, enter, set out, create, consecrate, toast, edit out, introduce, in attendance, past, range, comprise, look, catch, modern-day, proffer, depict, attending, put in, come across, get on, feed, empower, front, pin down, make, at this time, make up, return, place, pay your respects (to someone), edit, hint, aspect, bring in, take, afford, describe, face, confer, lay, trot out, defer, copula, conjugation, infer, break, modern, hold up, put forth, at this moment in time, bump into, catalyze, cashier's check, open, insert, subject, pass on, bow, already, meet up, relegate, familiarize, point, prove, picture, being, exemplify, salute, the conditional, start off, fork over, innovate, position.

Usage examples: