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Definition of preventive:

  1. Tending to prevent or hinder; hindering the access of; preservative.
  2. That which intercepts the access or approach of; an antidote previously taken or employed.


snag, blockading, intervention, burden, hitch, contraceptive, precautional, incumbrance, limp, prophylactic device, frustrating, hang-up, obviating, hindrance, birth control device, hindering, lame, hinderance, preemptive, commemorative, baulk, tour, arrest, preclusive, impediment, hostile, rub, stoppage, term of enlistment, precautionary, tending to prevent, tour of duty, contraceptive device, condom, defensive, check, face-saving, attempted, noise, deterrent, allow, protective, amateur, healthful, encumbrance, desperate, rubber, prophylactic, safety, load, clogging, enlistment, halt, thwarting, obstructive, onus, impeding, lamely, balk, maiden, prohibitory, safe, cautionary, antifertility, disturbance, stay, preventative, prohibitive, stop, hobble, frustrative, interference, duty tour, handicap.

Usage examples: