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Definition of pride:

  1. An unreasonably high opinion of one's own superiority; insolence; rude treatment of others resulting from inordinate self- esteem; in a good sense, the noble and exalted pleasure springing from a consciousness of worth, upright conduct, or acts of benevolence; generous elation of heart; that of which men are proud, or which may excite boasting; splendour; ostentation.
  2. To rate high; to value, as to pride one's self.


hauteur, treasure, glory, enjoyment, egotism, self-congratulation, vigour, rob, brace, splendour, jewel, swellheadedness, credit, dignity, audacity, pluck, high mind, vaunt, airs, self-sufficiency, temerity, bragging, self-sufficiency, pick, hook, bevy, assumption, loftiness, flower, stature, superciliousness, congratulate, illuminati, crème de la crème, felicitate, compliment, strutting, assurance, self-respecting, disdain, ostentation, presumption, ego trip, drove, prime, overbearingness, royalty, vainness, snobbery, haughtiness, contentment, complacency, soak, self-reliance, vanity, surcharge, primp, overcharge, vaingloriousness, ostentation, upper crust, reserve, self-assumption, hauteur, satisfaction, respect, elect, vainglory, pretension, colony, pompousness, self-exaltation, superiority, stock, preen, coxcombery, vainglory, arrogance, self-effacement, immodesty, self-complacency, heyday, self-respect, trophy, community, dress, pridefulness, assumption, self-esteem, cream, attitude, insolence, self-regard, hive, amour-propre, conceit, swelled head, self-assurance, cred, haughtiness, plume, humility, repletion, self-satisfaction, self-love, gaggle, self-confidence, bunch, herd, self-conceit, chutzpah, conceitedness, composure, bighead, arrogance, self-importance, bloom, pomposity, aristocracy, elation, complacency, flock, choice, flight, status, A-list, pink, proudness, ego, vanity, fleece, superbia, boast, conceit, insolence, crown jewel, street cred, corps d'elite, pack, Self-love, smugness, priesthood, lordliness, pomposity, self-worth, best, self-opinion, bigheadedness, fat, gazump.

Usage examples: