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Definition of priest:

  1. In anc. times or in pagan countries, one who performed the rites of sacrifice; a minister of the Christian religion placed over the spiritual affairs of a congregation; in the Ch. of Rome and Gr. Ch., the lowest order of ecclesiastics empowered to consecrate the host and perform mass; in the Protestant Episcopal Ch., one of an intermediate order between bishop and deacon.


divine, hieromonk, guru lama, rabbi brahman, dominie, clerk, parson, denomination, spiritual father, presbyter, Non-christian Priest, coreligionist, father confessor, pontiff, care of souls, high priest, ascetic, priest-vicar, animism, clergywoman, bishopric, clerical, woman of the cloth, the Archbishop of Canterbury, brethren, cult, congregation, deacon, archbishopric, Baha'i, man of the cloth, minor canon.

Usage examples: