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Definition of print:

  1. A mark or character made by impression; the representation or figure of a thing taken by pressure on paper from wood, from an engraved plate, or from a form of type; an impression from a collection of type; a small printed work or sheet of an ephemeral character; a fabric figured with impressed figures; calico; in arch., a plaster- cast of any ornament in low relief.
  2. To form or copy by pressure, as from a form of type, or from an engraved plate; to impress, as in the mind; to fix deep; to stamp any fabric, especially cotton cloth, with coloured patterns; to publish, as a book.


score, calligraphy, brand, shanghai, indentation, write, expose, target, impression, strike, all-points bulletin, go to press, longhand, lace, crabbed, carry, daguerreotype, illiterate, soft touch, ingrain, APB, clampdown, sucker, home run, snap, cartoon, sketch, streak, graphology, bull's eye, canvas, trail, grade, picture, stigma, outline, serialize, chump, pic, report, cursive, netting, mark out, net, chiller, pinstripe, animation, checkpoint, dotted line, Amber alert, abstract, run, compose, close-up, candid, aquatint, edition, scrape, reproduction, track, move, costume drama, sign, handwriting, passport photo, stain, develop, capitalise, buddy movie, written, publish, daub, clue, bell ringer, MARKS, scratch, break, batik, caricature, filmstrip, carve, impress, blue movie, crisscross, bas-relief, bring out, fool, font, biopic, full-page, scar, put out, photomontage, format, patsy, focus, halftone, cross, black and white, hand, issue, affect, draw, photographic print, engrave, yarn-dye, splash, blow up, chick flick, clean up, gauze, check, capture, engraving, fix, gull, plaid, bold, instill, reprint, printed, marking, dent, handwritten, brocade, indent, damask, agent provocateur, mug, fall guy, pap, negative, decipher, trace, circle, marker, galley, snapshot, depression, collage, photograph, doodle, come out, B movie, beat, photo, diptych, anime, shot, release, mesh, footprint, copperplate, microdot, mark, capitalize.

Usage examples: