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Definition of produce:

  1. That which is brought forth or yielded; amount; profit.
  2. To bring or offer to view; to bring into existence or into view; to cause, as an effect; to raise, as crops; to yield; in geom., to extend, as a line or surface.


unwrap, germinate, direct, erect, gain, discover, raise, comfort food, kindle, birth, rear, make believe, make grow, claim, experience, crap, make up, assemble, arouse, bring, take on, draw, get up, give away, recruit, confectionery, spring up, put up, lift, prepare, capture, hold, fruit, gross, fruitage, obtain, allege, mold, consequence, break, extend, earn, fashion, take a leak, creole, plead, vex, receive, show, uprise, throw, attain, adduce, leaven, conjure up, nonplus, give, catalyze, amniocentesis, baby shower, pretend, promote, bang out, turn out, piss, levy, score, realize, money, uncover, incur, bring about, pee-pee, elongate, result, write, aver, stick, forge, release, Make, animation, green goods, call down, learn, educate, shape, affirm, beget, set about, vegetable, take in, defecate, adopt, harvest, cite, dub in, realization, bring out, affair, have, turn, butter, dairy, give rise, catch, realise, urinate, piddle, roll out, divulge, spin, suffer, wheel out, cutaway, breed, get out, beat, antenatal, modernise, bewilder, rush out, gravel, issue, indite, outcome, ca-ca, flummox, long, labor, reveal, work, profit, aphrodisiac, cheese, rich, procreate, pay off, stretch, yield, get under one's skin, upgrade, spend a penny, declare, stimulate, pay back, train, publish, put out, handiwork, stupefy, get down, bring in, shit, convey, explicate, put together, dub out, let, the afterbirth, make water, lay down, arise, arrive, food, cutting room, contract, maturate, rise, acquire, sustain, net, compose, expose, dub over, name, fix, asseverate, arrest, dumbfound, become, increase, stir, win, modernize, get to, trigger, recrudesce, clear, upraise, resurrect, return, larn, create, scram, progress to, farm, say, amaze, pay, convenience food, green groceries, parent, take a crap, lengthen, nurture, call forth, base, state, pull in, assume, emolument, puddle, advance, enhance, find, cut, amniotic fluid, frame, present, aftermath, do, take, yield up, stool, bugger off, build up, assert, grind out, start off, kin, spawn, unveil, reach, display, start out, assign, conjure, prolong, pass water, make, set off, anti-choice, micturate, grain, heighten, cream, pose, churn out, perplex, set out, protract, thing, mature, baby food, baffle, constitute, ready, hit, dub, kick upstairs, wee, bring up, repay, resultant, establish, fire, prolongate, carbohydrate, output, fetch, go, pee, bring forth, come, milk, elevate, buzz off, return, cook, nominate, enkindle, amount, aim, outgrowth, exhibit, puzzle, let on, grow, develop, garden truck, relieve oneself, put forward, mystify, seduce, take a shit, bear, invoke, ingathering, maintain, trot out, wee-wee, crop, let out, offer, hold up, bring on, production, evolve, draw out, arrive at, baby blues, disclose, direction, sire, get, prove, set up.

Usage examples: