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Definition of profession:

  1. Open declaration of belief, or one's sentiments; public avowal; any business or calling engaged in for subsistence, not being mechanical, in trade or in agriculture, and the like- opposed to a trade; the collective body of persons engaged in a particular profession, as in law or medicine; in R. Cath. Ch., formal entrance into a religious order.


game, asseveration, sphere, employ, work, church, law, pretense, division of labor, apologia, line, personnel, manpower, craft, assertion, avouchment, lifework, avowal, community, accusation, collaboration, trading, announcement, allegation, payroll, medicine, education, office, field, oath, engagement, avocation, staff, call, vow, post, professing, role, insistence, labor force, lay, delegation, attestation, duty, billet, journalism, affirmation, appointment, traffic, people, assurance, racket, apology, claim, background, workforce, berth, labor market, handicraft, action, art, declaration.

Usage examples: