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Definition of professional:

  1. Pert. to a profession or calling; according to the etiquette or rules of a profession.


able, proficient, master key, acknowledged, overlord, ballplayer, transliterate, calling, collaborative, experienced, nonrecreational, background, backfield, career, call, intellectual, known, emeritus, capable, back, blue-collar, cooperative, paid, appointment, passe-partout, collaboration, center forward, boy, observer, professional person, accomplished, assistant, skilled, cross-training, pro, good, superior, casual, associate, creative, crack, professed, designate, expert, passkey, original, lord, pundit, delegation, schoolmaster, skipper, gifted, auxiliary, club, ability, spotter, masterly, spot, business, conference, acting, clerical, white-collar, division of labor, collegiate, train, licensed, coach, adjunct, sea captain, blue, master, victor, coaching, captain, maestro, antisocial, all-American, the intelligentsia, budding, deputy, ceremonial, center, master copy, veteran, headmaster, personal trainer.

Usage examples: