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Definition of profligate:

  1. An abandoned man; one who has lost all regard to virtue or decency.
  2. Lost to principle, virtue, or decency; shameless in vice; abandoned; dissolute.


squandering, overweening, line, tide rip, firm, exuberant, unbridled, tear, incontinent, squanderer, lush, origin, loyal, immobile, depraved, dissolute, degenerate, blood line, crosscurrent, careful, stemma, betting, wicked, countercurrent, abandoned, gay, blood, rent, high-rolling, flying, restraint, debased, licentious, waster, lewd, unthrifty, sporting, snag, pitch, wild, lineage, luxuriant, rakish, truehearted, libertine, immoral, extravagant, debauched, rakehell, excess, riptide, riotous, rip, wasteful, slant, dissipated, excessive, ungoverned, bloodline, tumultuous, spendthrift, descent, line of descent, quick, disruptive, uninhibited, rake, pedigree, prodigal, stock, card-playing, troubled, uncontrolled, save, parentage, roue, abandoned, turbulent, fast, ancestry, Wicked, split, devalued, degraded.

Usage examples: