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Definition of progress:

  1. A moving or going forward; advancement; procession; improvement, either intellectual or moral; proficiency; passage from place to place.
  2. To move or go forward; to proceed; to make a circuit through; to advance in any sense; to make improvement.


go up, proficiency, maturation, emanation, impart, process, amelioration, procession, get ahead, disturbance, hop on, improvement, expansion, reformation, live, do, move on, continue, put across, growth, gird, transit, carry through, betterment, make out, direction, age, get on with, develop, forge ahead, increase, come on, live on, maturate, going, fare, transfer, mature, pass around, purification, relegate, fortify, make headway, enforce, go along, rise, onrush, communicate, go through with, press, progression, unfolding, leave, onward motion, hand, outpace, flight, occur, mover, cash advance, turn up, put something into action, keep, velocity, forward motion, attainment, passage, show up, change, a giant step/leap/stride, pilgrimage, come-along, rise, circuit, hold out, reform, regeneration, jump on, march, move, mount up, bestride, hap, course, advance, adopt, peregrination, near, remain, overture, evolution, senesce, movement, renovation, amendment, march, revision, advance, come up, realize, ramp up, come, plod along, history, get on, reach, feeler, expedition, set ahead, advance, be on, under way, elevate, go on, development, pass, surface, pass on, build, patterned advance, draw close, work out, continuing, rate, shape-up, take place, get along, mount, flow, come about, betterment, tour, climb on, draw near, board, stay, stride, advancement, correction, going on, ongoing, growth, get along with, tour, elaboration, work up, march on, advancement, break through, put/bring/carry something into effect, build up, evolvement, pass along, momentum, fall out, arm, persist, action, progression, Headway, construct, encourage, make, boost, win, pull ahead, head, headway, turn over, amelioration, approach, advancement, forward, melioration, implement, stop, voyage, circuit, establish, the march of something, appear, improvement, current, come near, motion, go, locomotion, bubble, expedition, ensure, motion, gain ground, carry on, supercharge, excursion, raise, distribute, moving, circulate, give, journey, throw out, come out, pace, submit, impetus, bring forward, outlive, speed, walk on, promote, pass off, get up, kick upstairs, happen, step.

Usage examples: