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Definition of project:

  1. A scheme; a design or plan; a thing intended or devised; a contrivance.
  2. To cast or throw forward; to extend beyond something else; to jut; to scheme; to contrive; to draw or exhibit.


take to, understand, childbed, stray, dispatch, watch, hear, visualization, armpit, cypher, burbs, check, grow in, examine, protrusion, device, idea, tolerate, contrive, vomit up, ground plan, suffer, experience, come out, forcing out, agora, estimate, produce, roam, support, object, intention, jutting, fox, count on, devise, take in, projection, forecast, advise, endure, end, go through, compute, get wind, draw up, mould, system, Plan, cover, hold, throw away, stand, visit, get a line, abide, send, tramp, calling, range, travail, hold up, go out, catch, take care, regard, brownfield, learn, wear, bulge out, befuddle, throw, protrude, control, construe, exteriorise, labour, acoustic projection, see, make, roll, count, stand out, go steady, mold, date, look, frame, dream up, task, planned, exhibit, find out, wheel out, blueprint, yell, ejection, rage, figure, lying-in, plan, bulging, offer, finalize, invent, render, chant, forge, cantonment, ramble, undertaking, be after, stick up, spue, purge, work, consider, excogitate, drift, pick up, puke, attend, work out, game, propose, jut, bristle with, confinement, give (full) rein to something/give something (full) rein, strategy, yield up, desk job, see to it, pop, find, reckon, sick, seem, stomach, run across, scream, spew, area, roar, toil, image, labor movement, pouch, swan, put, witness, realize, arrangement, be sick, switch, formulate, regorge, ascertain, display, cry, declare oneself, barrio, externalize, borough, suggest, send off, exteriorize, point, cry out, stick out, redact, master plan, depict, parturiency, layout, proletariat, bewilder, objectify, cast off, nominate, escort, drop, tend, bellow, run into, imagine, get word, shed, ensure, come across, upchuck, pop out, throw up, rate, overhang, bemuse, prominent, digest, block, design, trade union movement, suppose, sound projection, think up, expulsion, fancy, show, cat, envision, shout, schema, determine, insure, vomit, trot out, protuberant, dead-end job, cipher, confuse, bulge, program, encounter, retch, busywork, assure, fix, regurgitate, jump, rove, vagabond, interpret, consultancy, jump out, put up, direct, think ahead, go for, pop the question, possess, prove, shake off, daydream, picture, present, arrange, despatch, calculate, working class, cabbagetown, barf, jut out, wander, child labor, throw off, game plan, meet, orchestrate, bedevil, have visions of (doing) something, visualise, brook, final cause, add up, chore, give, externalise, flip, start, intent, assess, leap out, contemplate, honk, hurtle, confound, visualize, have, couch, organize, purport, call out, labor, bear, discover, proposal, enter, disgorge, cast, map out, discombobulate, baby, fuddle, realise, road map, read into, day job, foresee, get off, draw, view, bug out.

Usage examples: