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Definition of prosperous:

  1. Flourishing; successful; thriving; making gain or increase.


soft, luck, seasonable, gilded, triumphant, prospering, gentle, gilt, thrifty, well-fixed, timely, flourishing, loose, well-off, golden, sluttish, propitious, in the lap of luxury, auspicious, favored, comfortably off, encouraging, weedy, opportune, thrive, aureate, leisurely, booming, roaring, successful, favorable, light, rich, stentorian, friendly, easy, healthy, well-heeled, easygoing, well-to-do, comfy, halcyon, boomy, palmy, favourable, luxuriant, prospered, gold, well-timed, happy, in funds, well-situated, rampant, lush, well-disposed, wanton, going, thriving, lucky, comfortable, promiscuous.

Usage examples: