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Definition of protest:

  1. A solemn or formal declaration of opinion against some act or resolution; the written paper containing reasons of dissent from a motion or resolution; in a bill of exchange, a declaration against, for non- acceptance or non- payment.
  2. To make or enter a solemn declaration expressive of opposition; to make a solemn declaration of a fact or opinion; to mark or note, through a notary public, a bill of exchange for non- payment or non- acceptance.


hold out, expostulate, dishonour, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, aver, mass meeting, profess, jib, disown, state, objection, unwillingly, expostulate, avouch, denial, stink, moan, balk, remonstrance, raise the roof, speak out, declare, tumult, demonstration, remark, demur, kick, articulate, dissent, support, gaiusay, demur, against your will, declare, testify, clamor, 7/7, remonstration, under threat, own, civil disobedience, demurrer, state, refuse, impugn, compliant, grumble, remonstrate, question, turmoil, proclaim, dissent, anarchy, affirm, agriterrorism, on sufferance, agitation, mutter, maintain, avouch, fend, protestation, apostasy, pronounce on, sit-in, moratorium, grudgingly, take something further, sound off, disavow, differ, take one's oath, aver, resist, avow, asseverate, difficulty, gripe, contradict, formulate, take issue, rant, take exception, bioterrorism, barricade, profess, demurral, except, inveigh, squawk, kvetch, exception, deny, nullify, Swear, boycott, deprecate, beef, set up a squawk, baulk, avow, disclaim repudiate, expostulation, dispute, confess, reluctantly, lodge, remonstrate, express, murmur, reject, rally, fuss, assert, knowledge, witness, comment, 9/11, air, stand firm, admit.

Usage examples: