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Definition of public:

  1. Pert. to a state or community; extending to a whole people; not private; common; open to all.
  2. The people at large; the many; the people indefinitely.


vulgar, national, diverse, creation, vacant, universe, unwritten, shared, constitutional, commonplace, world, earthly concern, received, general, state, government, going, developmental, state-supported, conjunct, Congressional, tribal, free-for-all, collective, federal, politics, humans, concerted, usable, country, specific, populace, habitual, ruling, available, person, known, civic, frequent, unrestricted, out, common, group, seasonal, cosmos, governmental, normal, democratic, (out) in the open, ordinary, municipal, macrocosm, mutual, transparent, domain, mixed, spare, on offer, overall, community, factional, cooperative, close-knit, in the public domain, personal, open, free, multiple, majority, open-door, your fellow man/men, laissez-faire, civil, existence, reality, metropolitan, unexclusive, semipublic, worldly concern, earth, private, prevalent, from all walks of life, accessible, combined, Interior, the many, familiar, multicultural, unanimous, joint, usual, pooled, customary, collaborative, overt, in the public eye, expansionist, universal, township, imperialist, nongovernmental, city, globe, unclassified, united, bureaucratic, restricted, conjoint, hawkish, everyday, prevailing, individual.

Usage examples: