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Definition of pushover:

Synonyms for pushover:

shot, cakewalk, all-comers, child's play, doormat, zephyr, cracking, contender, ginger snap, monkey, fall guy, the competition, sucker, ginger nut, snap, snap fastener, jellyfish, tool, sap, picnic, field day, breeze, gimme, victim, patsy, Mark, elasticity, wimp, centering, piece of cake, reed, air, grab, soft touch, contestant, cinch, lamb, kid stuff, easy, fool, catch, favorite, pigeon, entrant, gudgeon, favourite, fool, mug, gingersnap, cake, dupe, soft/easy option, snatch, roses, wise, gull, field, gentle wind, cream puff, candidate, press stud, walkaway, chump, snap bean, snapshot, victim, no-brainer, crack, girth, duck soup, play, outing, low-hanging fruit, walkover, namby-pamby, easy pickings, competitor, butt.

Usage examples: