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Definition of put off:

Synonyms for put off:

sicken, accede, get across, border, disorient, hedge in, bookable, wait, shrug off, dip, environ, retard, mix up, hesitate, slacken, grip, douse, duck, surround, wangle, nauseate, manipulate, deflect, misrepresent, doff, postpone, table, fake, repulse, remit, rearrange, procrastinate, gross out, color, put back, besiege, tabularize, beat, turn off, blur, submit, hold up, elude, keep, keep someone waiting, cut, overreach, repel, distract, tabulate, divert, circumvent, fudge, switch off, confuse, booking, bewilder, aboard, put, hem in, delay, outwit, give, sidestep, escape, wait around, booking office, book on, throw, remand, sit on, aisle seat, bow, untune, move, turn out, flurry, set back, detain, knock back, put over, dodge, schedule, bamboozle, temporize, play for time, outsmart, fix, fuddle, decide, tabularise, prorogue, jumble, confound, arr., catch, take off, lead to, befuddle, skew, piss off, lay over, bilk, skirt, carry over, influence, stall, pack a punch, preoccupy, falsify, obnubilate, hold over, upset, discombobulate, defer, hedge, parry, prolong the agony, board, afloat, sidetrack, disconcert, fox, dishearten, bus, outfox, discompose, evade, hold off, discomfit, beleaguer, ring, obscure, cook, reschedule, block, bedevil, send back, bring forward, shelve, stir, time, revolt, peel, give in.