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Definition of realize:

  1. To acquire as an actual possession; to obtain as the result of plans and efforts; to gain; to get; as, to realize large profits from a speculation.
  2. To cause to seem real; to impress upon the mind as actual; to feel vividly or strongly; to make one's own in apprehension or experience.
  3. To convert any kind of property into money, especially property representing investments, as shares in stock companies, bonds, etc.
  4. To convert into actual money; as, to realize assets.
  5. To convert into real property; to make real estate of; as, to realize his fortune.
  6. To make real; to convert from the imaginary or fictitious into the actual; to bring into concrete existence; to effectuate; to accomplish; as, to realize a scheme or project.


figure, pull, ingest, pass, crap, acquire, distinguish, straighten out, have, envision, pee, sack up, discern, regard, make, hear, sop up, cod, invite, create, gather in, enlighten, make headway, come across, establish, pick out, carry out, clear up, fix, fulfil, go steady, fool, sympathize, encounter, get a line, see, suck, ensure, effect, brighten, accredit, spot, materialize, meet, collect, overhear, substantiate, commit, crystallize, get ahead, attract, exonerate, assoil, experience, induce, greet, repay, achieve, stool, check, take, support, get in, image, perpetrate, actualise, watch, pee-pee, construe, shed light on, bring about, bring to pass, run across, relieve oneself, consummate, project, suck in, illuminate, get word, exculpate, gather, make good, bring in, bring, prepare, garner, clear, gull, dupe, money, constitute, profit, know, crystallise, empathize, introduce, infer, recognize, attain, visualize, run into, micturate, make believe, draw in, empathise, hit, cause, make water, hold, ascertain, wee, control, witness, corroborate, make out, move in, throw, take up, produce, pass water, work, sell for, actualize, net, derive, go out, ca-ca, body forth, defecate, put one over, affirm, visualise, gain ground, picture, imbibe, give, interpret, look, cook, take care, urinate, discharge, pay, take a shit, sack, nominate, insure, attend, tell apart, recognise, agnize, name, pull ahead, effectuate, accomplish, lay down, catch, escort, acquit, take-in, fetch, find out, draw, consider, confirm, win, put on, score, embody, crystalize, seduce, get to, wee-wee, construct, advance, pick up, sustain, view, execute, shit, obtain, go through, reckon, gain, reach, transact, get, elucidate, authorise, puddle, incarnate, make up, form, piss, carry through, translate, piddle, crystalise, put one across, work out, spend a penny, progress to, pull-in, apprehend, soak up, suck up, pretend, arrive at, understand, finish, take a leak, examine, slang, get wind, adopt, unclutter, agnise, top, earn, realise, date, assure, acknowledge, return, benefit, ready, sympathise, consume, complete, light up, sort out, befool, visit, take a crap, fancy, receive, gross, stimulate, build, yield, authorize, perform, do, see to it.

Usage examples: