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Definition of rebound:

  1. The act of rebounding; resilience.
  2. To bound again or repeatedly, as a horse.
  3. To give back an echo.
  4. To send back; to reverberate.
  5. To spring back; to start back; to be sent back or reverberated by elastic force on collision with another body; as, a rebounding echo.


mobilize, tantalise, resound, bait, recoil, funk, reflect, repercussion, leap, tease, kick, mobilise, kick back, call up, throttle, quail, jounce, razz, trammel, restrain, cringe, come up, tantalize, jump, take form, cod, spring back, ride, resile, border, reverberation, twit, beat up, spring, echo, flinch, forswear, retract, taunt, restrict, take shape, rag, form, summon, move, reecho, drum up, recant, limit, rally, forward, muster up, repeat, backlash, shrink, muster, wince, ricochet, approach, squinch, abjure, confine, ring, bounce, bound, take a hop, reverberate.

Usage examples: