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Definition of recoil:

  1. A starting or falling back; a rebound; a shrinking; as, the recoil of nature, or of the blood.
  2. Specifically, the reaction or rebounding of a firearm when discharged.
  3. The state or condition of having recoiled.
  4. To draw back, as from anything repugnant, distressing, alarming, or the like; to shrink.
  5. To draw or go back.
  6. To start, roll, bound, spring, or fall back; to take a reverse motion; to be driven or forced backward; to return.
  7. To turn or go back; to withdraw one's self; to retire.


restrict, discharge, fall silent, reflect, live in fear (of), rush, friendly fire, quake, panic, kicking, sound off, fawn, funk, be/live in dread of, abjure, resound, jounce, rebound, prickle, kick back, crawl, prick, creep, thrill, squawk, blaze, spring, contract, shrivel, forswear, flinch, backlash, reverberate, give up, gripe, reverberation, flush, crossfire, drive-by, fusillade, shake, cover, ring, take a hop, boot, take shape, throttle, rally, confine, cringe, repercussion, take fright, shiver, limit, wince, quetch, lose your nerve, retract, blench, restrain, form, take form, bound, shrink, seek, reduce, grovel, plain, scare, bounce, fire fight, recant, kick, trammel, start, shy, wither, border, bang, beef, have a horror of (doing) something, echo, bitch, complain, quail, resile, shrivel up, squint, ricochet, go off, charge, chicken out, exchange, misfire, approach, forward, fire, leap, squinch, kvetch, jump.

Usage examples: