Examples of usage:

  1. " The gentleman- Mr. Weyburn: Mr. Arthur Abner's recommendation," he added hurriedly, with a light wave of his hand and a murmur, that might be the lady's title; continuing: " A young man of military tastes should take service abroad. "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith" by George Meredith
  2. The latter even fancied he remarked that the governor was acting under the influence of a recent recommendation. "Louise de la Valliere" by Alexandre Dumas, Pere
  3. I had several letters of recommendation to my old master's friends, who receiv'd me very graciously. "A Narrative Of The Most Remarkable Particulars In The Life Of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, An African Prince, As Related By Himself" by James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw
  4. She came to me for work and I liked her and took her without recommendation. "A Strange Disappearance" by Anna Katharine Green
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