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Definition of rejoicing:

  1. Joy; gladness; delight.
  2. of Rejoice
  3. That which causes to rejoice; occasion of joy.
  4. The expression of joy or gladness.


imperious, gratification, afterparty, exultant, delight, happiness, swaggering, jubilance, gleeful, haughty, cheer, triumphant, merriment, blowout, bachelor party, baby shower, jubilation, supercilious, mirth, blessedness, victorious, gladness, B and S, bash, cock-a-hoop, exultation, comfort, pleasure, block party, triumphal, gaiety, jubilant, exulting, glorying, jubilancy, bachelorette party, enjoyment, sniffy, proud, banquet, laughter, bliss, contentment, all-nighter, lordly, ecstasy, merrymaking, satisfaction, rapture, disdainful, felicity, prideful, elated, crowing, triumph, revel, overbearing, joyful, crank.

Usage examples: