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Definition of reverberate:

  1. Driven back, as sound; reflected.
  2. Hence, to fuse by reverberated heat.
  3. Reverberant.
  4. To be driven back; to be reflected or repelled, as rays of light; to be echoed, as sound.
  5. To resound; to echo.
  6. To return or send back; to repel or drive back; to echo, as sound; to reflect, as light, as light or heat.
  7. To send or force back; to repel from side to side; as, flame is reverberated in a furnace.


limit, mull over, echo, sound, resound, ruminate, form, recall, confine, recant, abjure, squinch, funk, make noise, chew over, sounds, bound, cringe, contemplate, skirt, take a hop, reecho, speculate, throttle, resile, phone, forswear, trammel, take form, meditate, peal, repeat, restrain, ricochet, quail, bounce, surround, noise, recoil, backlash, take shape, muse, think over, flinch, reflect, knell, band, kick, kick back, rally, border, retract, call, restrict, backfire, rebound, shine, telephone, jounce, call up, mull, leap, environ, jump, wince, shrink, ring, spring, excogitate, ponder.

Usage examples: