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Definition of ricochet:

  1. A rebound or skipping, as of a ball along the ground when a gun is fired at a low angle of elevation, or of a fiat stone thrown along the surface of water.
  2. To operate upon by ricochet firing. See Ricochet, n.
  3. To skip with a rebound or rebounds, as a flat stone on the surface of water, or a cannon ball on the ground. See Ricochet, n.


flinch, retract, form, border, take form, trammel, abjure, resound, limit, take shape, dap, wince, echo, reflect, kick, recoil, bounce, spring, restrict, glance, take a hop, reverberate, kick back, study at skip, recant, glance off, bound, ring, throttle, shrink, leap, confine, jounce, carom, rebound, strike, resile, skip, forswear, cringe, jump, funk, cannon, skim, graze, squinch, restrain, quail, rally, skip.

Usage examples: