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Definition of ridiculous:

  1. Fitted to excite ridicule; absurd and laughable; unworthy of serious consideration; as, a ridiculous dress or behavior.
  2. Involving or expressing ridicule.


incorrect, mistaken, cockamamy, crocked, pissed, hapless, risible, mirthful, miserable, squiffy, amusing, obscene, humorous, ill-considered, farcical, soaked, pixilated, goofy, monstrous, slopped, nonsensical, study at absurd, nonsense, giddy, cockamamie, pie-eyed, laughing, tight, fuddled, ill-judged, comic, sozzled, punch-drunk, poor, infatuated, slaphappy, featherbrained, wretched, whacky, smashed, anomalous, crackbrained, stiff, usual, pitiable, wacky, laughter, sappy, light-headed, lopsided, wild, pathetic, cockeyed, blotto, imbecilic, unreasonable, soused, funny, erroneous, blind drunk, airheaded, loaded, dizzy, shocking, foolish, unconscionable, pitiful, zany, chimerical, silly, preposterous, skew-whiff, humourous, laughable, false, inconclusive, misfortunate, wonky, besotted, lightheaded, awry, undignified, ill-advised, ludicrous, wet, sloshed, empty-headed, piteous, derisory, absurd, plastered, imbecile, askew.

Usage examples: