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Definition of ringing:

  1. a & n. from Ring, v.
  2. of Ring


palpable, piercing, bright-line, open-and-shut, band, hoop, unambiguous, transparent, anchor ring, disembodied, hollow, avowed, reechoing, bald-faced, brilliant, reverberance, dead, plain, unequivocal, grating, sounds, mellow, plangent, lucid, thundering, flat, thunderous, pellucid, mob, reverberant, round, clangorous, blasting, luculent, unambivalent, declared, tinkly, clear-cut, barefaced, bald, blaring, earsplitting, jingling, breathy, echoing, patent, bright, crystal clear, halo, perspicuous, broad, booming, rotund, plangency, appealing, jingly, resonance, resounding, stentorian, clamorous, evident, resonating, sonorousness, ring, deafening, pithy, distinct, tintinnabulation, vibrancy, roaring, disputed, sonority, pack, truthful, obvious, clinking, arguable, slam-bang, fruity, unbalanced, live, annulus, adenoidal, vibrant, sonorous, nonambiguous, reverberating, unmistakable, brittle, gang, apparent, croaky, luminous, orotund, tinkling, manifest, golden, straightforward, resonant, closed chain, decided, doughnut, rolling, reverberative, rapport, official.

Usage examples: