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Definition of roil:

  1. To disturb, as the temper; to ruffle the temper of; to rouse the passion of resentment in; to perplex.
  2. To render turbid by stirring up the dregs or sediment of; as, to roil wine, cider, etc. , in casks or bottles; to roil a spring.
  3. To romp.
  4. To wander; to roam.


nettle, rankle, annoy, seethe, madden, churn, inflame, grind, devil, ire, outrage, infuriate, labor, labour, vex, toil, irritate, get at, rile, moil, incense, bother, boil, chafe, drudge, dig, travail, nark, tick off, gravel, get to, rag, enrage, steam up.

Usage examples: