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Definition of S:

  1. the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a consonant, and is often called a sibilant, in allusion to its hissing sound. It has two principal sounds; one a mere hissing, as in sack, this.


f, nanosecond, eastward, hour, easterly, sec, d, compass, ABC's, M., microsecond, second, sulphur, a, L, drachma, franc, aitch, cardinal point, east, crown, OS, sulfur, Fr., groat, g, minute, half-hour, min., c, atomic number 16, siemens, hr., DM, large, guilder, millisecond, bearing, medium, b, south, mho, h, easternmost, Deutschmark, farthing, ducat, XL, reciprocal ohm, e, short, due south.