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Definition of sack:

  1. A bag for holding and carrying goods of any kind; a receptacle made of some kind of pliable material, as cloth, leather, and the like; a large pouch.
  2. A measure of varying capacity, according to local usage and the substance. The American sack of salt is 215 pounds; the sack of wheat, two bushels.
  3. A name formerly given to various dry Spanish wines.
  4. A sack coat; a kind of coat worn by men, and extending from top to bottom without a cross seam.
  5. Bed.
  6. Originally, a loosely hanging garment for women, worn like a cloak about the shoulders, and serving as a decorative appendage to the gown; now, an outer garment with sleeves, worn by women; as, a dressing sack.
  7. See 2d Sac, 2.
  8. The pillage or plunder, as of a town or city; the storm and plunder of a town; devastation; ravage.
  9. To bear or carry in a sack upon the back or the shoulders.
  10. To plunder or pillage, as a town or city; to devastate; to ravage.
  11. To put in a sack; to bag; as, to sack corn.


give the gate, pink slip, acquittance, rouse, sackful, take in, laggard, despoil, rape, brighten, run, drive out, unclutter, usher out, displace, pillage, chemise, break, poke, solve, exit, exculpate, burn, put up, discharge, send word, slip, teddy, press release, brush off, retire, faulting, force out, scoke, finish, carrier bag, outlet, web, knoll, fracture, top, air hole, shift key, eject, plunder, passing, illuminate, dismissal, air pocket, shift, discount, strip, move, thrust, ransack, disregard, going, displacement, firing off, nett, authorise, firing, reave, brush aside, theca, spoil, crystallise, elicit, judgment of dismissal, earn, garget, mound, spill, hillock, ignore, depose, button, scoop, give notice, electric discharge, squirt, sleep, enkindle, clout, apprize, punch, departure, bounce, notify, drone, removal, poking, sacking, transformation, send packing, rout out, arc, pocket, expiration, venting, raise, violate, ax, kindle, advise, sort out, clear, provoke, rifle, electric arc, realise, keep, sacque, spillage, duty period, slug, straighten out, apprise, can, waiver, emission, termination, transmutation, stop, go off, give the sack, dismission, squeeze out, net, enlighten, cease, geological fault, outpouring, authorize, evoke, terminate, burn down, hummock, fault, judgement of dismissal, pouch, gouge, exonerate, light up, spark, vent, loss, liberation, go to sleep, loot, switching, paper bag, crystalise, realize, arouse, hammock, expelling, pass, sack up, send away, gain, lighting, throw out, kindling, push aside, tin, assoil, boot, dawdler, release, ignition, switch, elucidate, to rest, fire, evict, biff, sac, freeing, crystallize, dismiss, end, jabbing, shed light on, shimmy, acquit, open fire, drop, crowd out, bagging, notice, give the bounce, bring in, lagger, dissolve, handout, lick, shifting, preempt, make, trailer, inflammation, pigeon berry, thrusting, fuel, clear up, give the axe, pull in, foray, crystalize, jab, tone ending, work shift.

Usage examples: