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Definition of saturnine:

  1. Born under, or influenced by, the planet Saturn.
  2. Heavy; grave; gloomy; dull; - the opposite of mercurial; as, a saturnine person or temper.
  3. Of or pertaining to lead; characterized by, or resembling, lead, which was formerly called Saturn.
  4. showing a brooding ill humor; " a dark scowl"; " the proverbially dour New England Puritan"; " a glum, hopeless shrug"; " he sat in moody silence"; " a morose and unsociable manner"; " a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- Bruce Bliven; " a sour temper"; " a sullen crowd"


lowering, sour, dark-skinned, rancid, black, dismal, drear, sinister, surly, solemn, off, turned, temperamental, dull, unyielding, forbidding, drab, obscure, blue, glum, ill-natured, moody, happy, dogged, sluggish, gloomy, dingy, benighted, sulky, passive, off-key, tenacious, sarcastic, morose, taciturn, grave, pertinacious, disconsolate, threatening, glowering, dark, grim, dreary, coloured, false, dour, sullen, heavy, non-white, persistent, sorry.

Usage examples: