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Definition of say:

  1. A delicate kind of serge, or woolen cloth.
  2. A kind of silk or satin.
  3. A speech; something said; an expression of opinion; a current story; a maxim or proverb.
  4. Essay; trial; attempt.
  5. Saw.
  6. To announce as a decision or opinion; to state positively; to assert; hence, to form an opinion upon; to be sure about; to be determined in mind as to.
  7. To mention or suggest as an estimate, hypothesis, or approximation; hence, to suppose; - in the imperative, followed sometimes by the subjunctive; as, he had, say fifty thousand dollars; the fox had run, say ten miles.
  8. To repeat; to rehearse; to recite; to pronounce; as, to say a lesson.
  9. To speak; to express an opinion; to make answer; to reply.
  10. To try; to assay.
  11. To utter or express in words; to tell; to speak; to declare; as, he said many wise things.
  12. Trial by sample; assay; sample; specimen; smack.
  13. Tried quality; temper; proof.


some, define, say-so, affirm, pronounce, good/oh Lord, express oneself, assign, talk in terms of something, maintain, distinguish, range, separate, picture, participate, deliver, feel out, well, order, quote, label, translate, plead, ordinate, illustrate, recap, plus or minus, record, okay then, note, hello, hold, suffrage, joint, submit, ooh, restate, guess, set out, adhere to, profile, require, aver, theorize, relate, sound out, report, put words into someone's mouth, state positively, point out, regularise, believe in, power, about, interpret, verify, hypothecate, set up, tell, secernate, monopoly, place, put (something) into words, rattle off, have visions of (doing) something, regulate, secern, relay, much, rate, assure, more or less, just/wait a moment, look, state, convey, like, incline, avow, fling off, might, avouch, evidence, instruct, brief, set forth, push around, have a mind of your own, break silence, govern, read, assume, articulate, phrase, read into, divulge, learn, word, suppose, presuppose, arrange, contend, scan, rank, enunciate, command, greatness, assert, advance, verbalize, differentiate, echo, know best, put forth, reply, oligopoly, regularize, paraphrase, right, see, express yourself, roughly, leadership, invoke, daydream, fall into place, cite, vent, wow, recount, enjoin, exemplify, swear, tax with, theorise, give (full) rein to something/give something (full) rein, all right, tell apart, rise to the occasion, declare, study, vote, consecrate, ordain, put forward, claim, mention, vocalise, control, conjecture, allege, around, address, enounce, let someone know, order around, announce, prescribe, express, think, mean, speculate, utter, boss around, hypothesise, oh, let out, advise, severalise, touch on, pin down, introduce, imagine, rephrase, reckon, hey, tell of, domination, formulate, dictate, repeat, intend, connote, posit, authority, delineate, show, contemplate, respond, think up, give someone to understand (that), asseverate, describe, register, give voice, judge, listen up, visualization, force, put, communicate, argue, take, consider, near, understand, denote, check out, allude to, find words to express, words, produce, paint, offer, yo, adduce, severalize, opine, come up, refer to, swan, raise, grade, suggest, answer, narrate, hypothesize, aah, cohere.

Usage examples:

  • Did you say Oblonsky?

    - "Erlach Court", Ossip Schubin.
  • Y' don't say so!

    - "Tom of the Raiders", Austin Bishop.
  • I say it will not.

    - "Sermons on National Subjects", Charles Kingsley.