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Definition of saying:

  1. of Say
  2. That which is said; a declaration; a statement, especially a proverbial one; an aphorism; a proverb.


attesting to, advertising, apothegm, claiming, demonstrating, alleging, expression, giving out, publicizing, making an announcement, averring, drafting a proposition, formula, construction, swearing, vouching, statement, locution, implying, making clear, announcing, noticing, manifestation, propounding, informing, word, asserting, observing, verbalism, truism, grammatical construction, phrasing, making a statement, words, face, revealing, reflexion, facial expression, aspect, noting, reflection, pointing out, utterance, testifying to, avouching, certifying to, stressing, verbal expression, look, formulation, aphorism, maintaining, insisting on, affirming, stating, making a declaration, making public.

Usage examples: