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Definition of scoot:

  1. To walk fast; to go quickly; to run hastily away.


hare, scare, shoot, bomb, go like the wind, dissipate, drive, flaunt, flutter, buzz, blast, chase, take off, frivol away, inject, ram, blaze, clear out, abandon, rocket, breeze, fool, hurtle, blow, bowl, highball, motor, hasten, make tracks, zoom, crack, jet, run off, take, sprout, smash, zip, dash, ostentate, photograph, blink, fly, hump, crash, skip out, get cracking, speed, bustle, bourgeon, flash, dart, cannonball, scud, sail, flit, burgeon forth, run like the wind, careen, shoot off, fritter, course, hit, festinate, film, shoot down, nip, speed, barrel, jump, frighten away, hie, rip, swank, whiz, show off, shake a leg, scuttle, whisk, fool away, pelt, go like lightning, wing, make haste, spud, scare off, pullulate, daunt, snap, clear off, germinate, pall, step, hotfoot, make off, scour, belt, dash off, bundle, fleet, hotfoot it, haste, winkle, travel, hurl, hasten, pip, get a move on, bucket, career, frighten off, twinkle, rack, bolt, scare away, wink, hustle, move, buck, fritter away, charge, whirl, rustle, make time.

Usage examples: